International Scientific Conference

 „Information & communication technology in natural science education – 2012“

 08-09 November 2012, Siauliai, Lithuania

From the left: prof. Agnaldo Arroio (Brazil), prof. Kuo Hung Huang (Taiwan), prof. Boris Abersek (Slovenia), prof. Metka Kordigel-Abersek (Slovenia). Discussions at the Natural Science Education Research Centre  

Meeting at Dean Office (Faculty of Education, University of Siauliai)

Welcome Speech by Vice-Rector prof. Teodoras Tamosiunas  

Conference Opening


Prof. dr. Metka Kordigel Abersek (Slovenia)


Prof. dr. Agnaldo Arroio (Brazil)




Prof. dr. Kuo Hung Huang (Taiwan)


Conference Participants




Dr. Costin Pribeanu (Romania)


Dr. Paolo Bussotti (Italy)




Dr. Juraj Slabeycius (Slovakia)


Dr. Marat Akhmetov (Russia)




Excursion to the Pakruojis Manor House  

Dr. Michal Musilek (Czechia)


Prof. dr. Agnaldo Arroio (Brazil) and prof. dr. Boris Abersek (Slovenia)


Dr. Costin Pribeanu (Romania) and prof. dr. Boris Abersek (Slovenia)


Dr. Juraj Slabeycius (Slovakia) and dr. Marat Akhmetov (Russia)


Dr. Raffaele Pisano (Italy)




Dr. Paolo Bussotti (Italy)


Dr. Eleonora Melnik (Karelia)




Miro Puhek (Slovenia)


Dr. Zoltan Balogh (Slovakia)


Dr. Todar Lakhvich (Republic of Belarus)


After the Conference


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