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    Call for papers



          Submission guidelines >>>

 Venue     General information

    The publication language is English. All authors must take care of the language revision by they own. The language must be clear and accurate. The work should be written in an impersonal style. The editor reserves the right to send the manuscript to be reviewed.

       Format of Manuscripts
       Cover Page

     The first page of the manuscript should consist only of the running head, the title of the paper (in bold), the author (s) name(s) and institutional affiliations(s) and full details (mailing address, telephone, fax, e-mail address; titles/professions) for correspondence with the main author.


      The second page of the manuscript must begin with the title of the paper and an abstract which should not exceed 200 words. For papers reporting original research, statei n brief: the primary objective (the research questions addressed or any hypothesis tested); the research design; the methods and procedures employed; the number of subjects; the main outcomes and results; the conclusions drawn from these data and results, including their implications for further research or application/practice.

        Key words
       Please provide 3 to 5 key words or short phrases in apphabetical order.
       The structure of the manuscript

The body of the text of the manuscript must generally have the following parts:

·        introduction;

·        methodology of research;

·        results of research;

·        conclusions and discussion;

·        acknowledgements;

·        references.

        The length of the manuscript

      The manuscript should be up to ten (10) pages or 25 000 characters (including references, tables and figures). Manuscripts should be typed on A4, in Times New Roman 12-point font size, single-spacing, 2,5 cm with all the margins, word-document (Word 6.0 or later) format.


       The name of the paper 14-point, bold with capital letters, centred; titles in the text: 12-point bold, not numbered; sub-titles 12-point, italic, not numbered; before a title of subtitle 2 empty rows, after 1 empty row before text. Text chapters must be separated with 1 empty row.

          Tables and Figures

        Tables and figures should be valuable, relevant, and visually attractive. Tables (made with Word) and figures must be referred to in the text and numbered in order of their appearance. Each table and figure should have a complete, descriptive title; and each table column an appropriate heading. The texts in tables and figures should be 10-point and their width should be 12 cm at maximum. The figures should be in form of .jpg (if not done with Word); resolution 1200 dpi. Figures, tables and captions should be inserted within the manuscript at their appropriate locations.


        The title „References“ must be used. APA style for writing references in the text and in the reference list must be used. References in the text should be presented in brackets (Knox, 1988; Martin, 1995). If necessary, the page can be indicated: (Martin, 1995, p.48). The list of references should be presented after the text.


Send your manuscripts files before the 31 March 2007 by e-mail in form of Rich Text Format to the Symposium Organizing Committee: , (для кирилицы). Later submissions will not be taken into consideration. Early submission is highly recommended.

To facilitate file management, please use the following system to name your file:


(e.g., Pavardis_Lithuania.doc)

The author must make a declaration that the paper has not been presented at other conferences.

If you face any problems or have questions, do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee.


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