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       Direction of Activity



Improving Quality of Science Teacher Training in European Cooperation - constructivist approach
Improving Quality of Science Teacher Training in European Cooperation - constructivist approach



: 128747-

Project period 3 years


  Project coordonator

  Palacký University, Czech Republic

  Project partners:

bullet Palacký University, Czech Republic
bullet Siauliai University, Natural Science Education Research Centre,  Lithuania
bullet University of Cyprus, Cyprus
bullet University of Plovdiv ‘Paisii Hilendarski’, Bulgaria
bullet Ataturk University, Turkey

Main objectives

contribute to the improvement of the quality of initial science teacher training in the  participating countries;


analyze and compare teacher training programs, review and develop training  modules;


provide insights into the strategic aspects of teacher training; allow for interchange of ideas amongst practicing sciences teachers and teacher trainers in an international setting;


provide a framework for individual  to extend and develop relevant elements of his/her own competence; 


enhance the participants’ knowledge of aspects of European dimension and the principles of constructivist theory  in science teacher training;




Specific objectives:

to explore and develop  new ways of initial training for science teachers based on European cooperation;


to establish cooperation and partnership between participating  departments;


to design 5 new  modules for science teacher  training;


to implement European dimension in the newly designed modules;


to introduce new pedagogical methods based on constructivist approach in science teacher training;


to design teaching and learning materials for science teaching at initial teacher training;


to make students training to be teachers and their tutors aware of new pedagogical methods based on the constructivist approach;


to present these materials on web site of the project;


to disseminate the project knowledge and experience on educational conferences and in educational journals;


to implement and develop portfolio assessment of prospective science  teachers.


to disseminate successful outcomes by means of designed modules and a collection of training materials with the best European practice.



1st project meeting
Palacky University, Olomouc (Czech Republic)
February 28th - March 4th  2007.








2nd project meeting
Siauliai University
, Siauliai (Republic of Lithuania)
June 17th - 21st   2007.












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